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woman with tooth pain

Emergency Dentist in Thunder Bay

If you or a member of your family is dealing with a dental emergency, call Westfort Family Dental right away! We're open 6 days a week, allowing us to provide dependable emergency dental care for Thunder Bay and the surrounding area. Our team will evaluate and treat you as quickly as possible – please be aware, however, that if the problem is severe enough, we may recommend or arrange for you to visit a local emergency room instead. 

Pain and discomfort may prevent you from carrying out daily or regular activities such as eating, drinking, and speaking. If you are experiencing oral pain, reach out to Westfort Family Dental to see your emergency dentist in Thunder Bay.

You should call your dentist immediately after a dental emergency and follow any instructions that were given prior to you coming to the office. These emergency situations usually involve attempting to save or preserve a tooth, so time is of the essence. Please don't hesitate to seek help!

To reach an emergency dentist in Thunder Bay, call us at 807-623-3970 and schedule an appointment.

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